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TechCoderz LTD founded in 2014 with the headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since our foundation, we have been growing steadily, currently we are serving more than hundred happy customers. We consider IT infrastructure is the heart of every business. Anyone who wants to achieve long-term success must understand it and constantly optimize existing structures and be open to new technologies. Only those who have the whole picture in mind can act with foresight and secure long-term IT investments and operations. We develop individual and holistic solutions for our customers that are already pioneers for the infrastructures of tomorrow.

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Founded in 2013 by Dan Mitchell, Digital Reflow is a full-service marketing and design agency with a team of marketing, branding and development experts behind it. We specialise in taking brands further with our targeted marketed services throughout Essex.

Our services include ERP Development, Web Development management, Mobile Developemnt , Branding Design , and more.

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